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Hello and welcome to my site! I'm an NYC based actor and print model who—you may have guessed—loves to hear from casting directors! What you should know about me: I have an incredibly strong work ethic, take direction well, and offer an interesting, ethnically ambiguous look. I am a trained theater performer with a fast-growing list of credits in TV and film—including my very own short drama entitled The Missed (2022), written and produced by yours truly!

As an award-winning screenplay writer, I understand the importance of integrity and staying true to the creator’s vision. When I portray a character, I strive for utmost sincerity with every performance. 

Demo Reel - 11/2019

Demo Reel - 11/2019

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Anita Daswani wrote, executive produced and starred in the 2022 short drama entitled The Missed. Since its release, it has been selected by seventeen film festivals! The project has been awarded for best screenplay short, best original script, best cast, best sound design and best original song to name a few. 

Proceeds from public screenings went back to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Oasis Institute — both which support the integral themes of the narrative.


The Missed is now available to the public on Shortverse

Enjoy the show!


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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